lundi 11 juin 2007

Parc Matisse, Lille

Parc Matisse is just next to Gare Lille Europe, one of two large train stations in Lille.

Anyhow the park was designed by Gilles Clément and others, with intent to follow the principles of a jardin en mouvement. I didn't really enjoy this one, I thought the scale of it was off. In contrast with Parc André Citroën, I felt that too much of this park was this way. It was to the point where it was somewhat banal. Clearly this park has gone in to a state of disrepair, as much of Lille's public spaces have. Lille is definetely worth a go, if you are interested in seeing something different. The architectural composition of the city is incredibly strange, and there is a real mix of cultures in Lille. I think the people here are generally nice, they are willing to give directions and help you. However, I don't want to stay any longer, and tomorrow I'm going to the Netherlands.

A large island, called Derborence island, is intended to be a replica of a remote island, planted with an inaccessible forest. It is more of an experimental site for scientists to see what plants will settle in there in the absense of human activitiy. I recall at the conference in the Pompidou centre M. Clément remarked that if he could, he would like to do this one over. However, he said he does like to go there from time to time, to see what plants have come in and which ones have left.

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